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My job is to help people understand their options for selling unwanted real estate- and I love it! It perfectly combines my passion for helping people, my love of houses, and my love for Milwaukee. With a construction background and having owned multiple 100 year old homes myself, the “house” part of the equation is a piece of cake. The “people” part is much more important and much more rewarding. I love collaborating and building relationships with homeowners in our local community.

The best part of my job is being a resource for people going through a major life transition. It starts with understanding every homeowner’s unique situation, then tailoring custom solutions to best fit their needs, even if that means not working with Sell Now Wisconsin. My driving objective is to ensure that my friends, family, and neighbors are well informed when making big decisions about their homes.

When I’m not looking at other people’s houses I’m probably in the middle of a home improvement project at my own house in Wauwatosa. I also spend a lot of time on a mat, coaching wrestling and training jiu jitsu. Most of all I love traveling, hiking, and running with my wife, Molly, and our dog, Yuka.

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I began my career in real estate in late 2005, working as a remote real estate closer for Ameriquest Mortgage. Several months later, I was able to transition to a local real estate title company, and remained there for several years, working as a closer, plus title examiner. I have extensive knowledge of the real estate industry, and how it pertains to the purchase and sale of property, and can answer most questions you might have about the whole process. I currently work as our closing coordinator, assisting sellers with the process from the time of accepted offer, to the actual closing date.

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I started buying and selling houses full time in 2004.  In the last couple decades, I have helped hundreds of local Milwaukee area homeowners and landlords sell their properties with ease and for top dollar.
I am an active leader in the local community. Since 2009, I have run the Milwaukee Real Estate Investors Association, and therefore by extension, I’ve been an example by which many local investors measure themselves when working with property owners. A proud parent of three, my high-school aged children attend DSHA and Marquette University High School.
My mission of “Improving our community one house at a time,” ensures each homeowner is taken care of with the best solutions that can be provided. Further, that mission requires a servant-focused mindset from each team member at Sell Now Wisconsin. Any media or business opportunities can be directed to me directly at